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The distributed network can be a great source of information and offers an incredible opportunity for data collection. Systems are under development to enable cost effective sensors to communicate with a wireless router, the simplest form of such device being an Arduino sensor gateway, that connects to a range of sensors. It is under development along with a range of sensors.

Sensor gateway (Arduino based)

The development of telemetry and telecontrol systems is split into sensors&devices and telemetry&telecontrol platform, the latter providing connectivity to the router. It implements I2C and 1WIRE communication protocols for sensors and UART communication with the router. Follow the development in ticket #1068 .


Standard pinouts are rigorously used for all sensors and all standard protocols.

I2C pinout is GND,SDA,SCL,IRQ,VCC, where IRQ is the line used for any sensor on bus to interrupt the gateway to read all sensors.

1WIRE pinout is as simpel as it gets, GND,DATA,VCC.

Telemetry and telecontrol platform

Currently based on Launchpad MSP430 board. Most processing is shifted to the router side. The device exists only in a limited prototype edition.


A wide variety of senors is suggested and under development. The Prototyped ones are documented in detail, while proposed ones exist in the tasks yet to be accepted.

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I2C addres allocation

Each sensor/device using I2C has a uniquely defined address on the network scale, so with this list and bus scan, sensors can be identified. As high addresses as possible should be used.

Device name Address range Address config Notes
INA219 power monitor8b10000000 true
MPL115A2 barometer8b1100000 false

Ideas and tasks

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#785 Dodati na točko mikrofon

Reported by mitar, 9 years ago.


Dodati na točko mikrofon, kot modifikacijo ali mogoče preko USB. Ideja je, da bi lahko tako po mestu snemali zvok in ga potem streamali v omrežju. Torej tu je potrebno potem narediti še kakšen vmesnik za nodewatcher, ki bi prikazoval obstoječe streame.

Ob streamih zvoka po mestu (torej podobno kot live kamere, le da bi tu bil live zvok), bi lahko tudi merili glasnost. Torej zvočno onesnaženje mesta. Skozi čas in na lokacijah. To bi lahko potem risali na zemljevid kot heatmap in naredili tudi kakšno animacijo skozi čas.

#811 Construct a WiFi mesh network weather station

Reported by Musti, 9 years ago.


The goal is to find out the most energy efficient and weather resistant components to be used in a weather station and to construct one. Ideally it will be a standalone product, although it can be integrated with existing network equipment.

The project could be split into smaller research projects by sensor subsections, which can be standalone modifications to existing network equipment, for example #766.

Basic stations may include

  • thermometer
  • barometer
  • anemometer
  • hygrometer
  • wind anemometer
  • wind vanes

More sophisticated stations may also measure UV index, leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature, and water temperature.

Most expensive sensor of all is wind speed, because quality wind anemometer is usually around 50$ :(

Also there are quite strict placing regulations for weather stations, because wrong placement could give really bad and inaccurate measurements. Here is more info:

Also when placing temperature sensor in direct sunlight it needs to be placet into a radiation shield, here is a nice example of DIY version:

#825 Merjenje porabe elektrike z brezžičnim routerjem

Reported by pinki5, 9 years ago.


Nadziranje porabe elektrike doma ali podjetju, ki preteče skozi električno omarco. Vsa aktivnost bi se zapisovala na strežnik in s tem dajala uporabnikom možnost do lastnega nadziranja elektrike ter pripomogla k njihovi ozaveščenosti do narave.

#868 Sensor for particles in the air 872

Reported by mitar, 9 years ago.


Sensor for (heavy) particles (pollution) in the air.

We could use this information for an application which would plan a path to a destination in the city in a way that you would breath least polluted air while you would drive a bicycle. For example. Or at least to counter (or independently prove) official statements of how much the air is polluted in the city.

#893 Lightning/Thunder detector 1023, 1098

Reported by Musti, 8 years ago.


Construct a 1-wire lightning detector. The circuit has to:

  • 1-wire interface
  • detect amplitude and direction of EMP pulse
  • log the amplitude and direction with exact time.
  • sync RTC with external source daily

Could use and crossed loop antennas.

#908 Add serial GPS support

Reported by Musti, 8 years ago.


Add GPS serial device support to the routers, so position of a node can be tracked in real time via nodewatcher.

This support would be useful for:

  • Mobile nodes in the case of emergency setup, because locations could be precisely determined and tracked live. Something as APRS, but with wifi mesh.
  • Flying nodes either on a balloon or an airplane.
  • Precise node positioning and link planning.

At the moment I am inquiring with several serial gps device manufacturers to find a low cost and serial port compatible device.

#1023 Node telemetry and telecontrol circuit with MSP430 1050

Reported by Musti, 7 years ago.


A robust node telemetry and telecontrol circuit is required for monitoring supply voltage, current, temperature and other parameters on backbone nodes/exchanges, with addition of remote reset and hardware watchdog.

To resolve this, the goal is to construct a microcontroller circuit that serially connects with the router and interfaces all required sensors.

The following functionalities are required:

  • measure supply voltage
  • measure battery voltage
  • measure router voltage
  • measure supply current
  • support ds18b20 digital thermometers
  • reset the suply voltage
  • hardware watchdog
  • support backup battery supply
  • UART support to communicate with router
  • I2C support to communicate with peripherals

The circuit should use:

  • TI MSP430 microcontrollers (very cheap development board available TI Launchpad 3-4EUR)
  • DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensors

This circuit is required before 1.april.

#1040 Solar node for beekeepers

Reported by s53sl, 7 years ago.


The idea is to made a routers with equipment for beekeepers, so that beekeepers could place it on their remote beehouses. Since most of beehouses does not have own electricity, solar panels should be used to provide power.

Most important thing is, that measuring devices could be connected to it, so a beekeeper could monitor his beehouse from remote location. Measuring devices in general are, several thermometers (or only two) and weighing machine placed under a beehive, to measure quota of honey during the day.

This graphs would then be draw on nodewatcher, so beekeepers could monitor what is happening in their beehouses. There should be also support for IP camera, if beekeepers want to monitor also the video.


  • make a list of equipment
  • construct a circuit, so sensors could be connected
  • find a casual weighing machine or use available beekeeping weighing machines, and find out, how to read data from them
#1042 Develop a vibration/seismographic sensor

Reported by Musti, 7 years ago.


Using standard of the shelf and cheap components design a seismographic sensor that can be interfaced with a router or a control circuit.

An example is Wii remote sensor

#1047 Usage of Raspberry Pi in a mesh network

Reported by Dominus, 7 years ago.


Insted of connecting a let 's say Launchpad to the router via URAT, we could connect Raspberry Pi to the LAN with an ethernet cable.

Raspberry Pi is a cheap computer. You have your processor, ram etc. but you also have some GPIO pins to spare. We could connect there a lot of sensors and other stuff, because we have quite a lot of GPIO pins. Overall it is a kind of cheap (costing about 27€) and more powerful substitute for the TI Launchpad. BTW, it runs LINUX so good luck with that. More info about the Raspberry Pi here.

#1050 Telemetry and telecontrol MSP430 Launchpad shield 1032, 1058

Reported by Musti, 7 years ago.


Based on #1023 as an optimizationa nd hardware improvement, the following solution has been developed:

Telemetry and telecontrol MSP430 Launchpad shield:

  • compatible with V2 of MSP430 Launchpad
  • 4 controllable channels (VNQ05XSP16)
    • on/off control
    • common supply voltage 6-36V
    • 8A per channel and total
    • overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection
    • current sensing per channel
  • accurate total current meaasurement (INA219)
    • current measurment via 10mOhm resistor
    • voltage measurement
    • power measurement
  • 1-wire support
  • i2c support (connector for external devices)
  • 2x GPIO
  • selectable supply source (3.3v via serial or 3.3 from on board regulator supplied from voltage input)
  • overvoltage and EDD protection on all channels and input

The design has to be compatible with 150 degree celsius maximal temperature rating.

#1057 Sensor: i2c barometer MPL115A

Reported by Musti, 7 years ago.


Implement MPL115A i2c barometer, so it can be used with telemetry and telecontrol platform.

#1068 Arduino compatible sensor gateway

Reported by Musti, 7 years ago.


The development and deployment of sensors in the community network must be very simple and accessible to a larger number of people, thus I have developed an Arduino compatible platform that can interface the WiFi router either via serial port (UART) or USB(via CP2012 usb-uart). Adding sensors must be very simple but to enable interoperability and mass deployment, a simple yet robust communication protocol is required. SWAP protocol is a very good example and should be used as explained in #1067.

The wlan slovenija sensorgw platform is developed around atmega328p at 16MHz or ideally 11.0592MHz for greater serial compatibility.

A prototype of this platform has been developed and is using a hacked version of digitemp nodewatcher script for displaying data, see in the attachment.

More detail will be published soon.

#1070 Sound level sensor

Reported by Musti, 7 years ago.


Design a SensorGW #1068 compatible sound level meter.

This could be achieved by using an electret microphone and an envelope detector connected to an ADC.

#1085 Beta-test sensor gateay

Reported by Musti, 6 years ago.


Test Telemetry/sensgw and report any problems here to aid further development.

Everyone who has one, please post the version and quantity here, then report bugs :)

#1098 Shell script for telemetry lightning

Reported by Musti, 6 years ago.


A shell script with two functions is required to process data from a lightning detector, it is to be called by cron.

  • Data acquisition function

Calling readsensor -d /dev/ttyATH0 -i 3 -t 1000 returns the local sensor time since local epoch. Correlate to actual time. Calling readsensor -d /dev/ttyATH0 -i 1 -t 1000returns the database of lightning strikes, entries separated by commas, entry structure as follows: <time> <type> <distance> <power>

Sample input string:

32824 1 31,32828 2 24,32870 1 24,32873 1 24,33229 1 24,

A CSV log of events is to be made in /tmp/

  • Statistics function

Returns comma separated data formed from the log since the last call of this function.

  • Number of events for types 1 and 2
  • Average distance
  • Average power
#1107 Mesh powered observatory os-bicevje

Reported by DustWolf, 6 years ago.


On the roof of the primary school Bičevje, there is an unused observatory (more or less just the chasis, with a dome and swivel mechanism – visible in the panorama).

The idea is to use the sensor platform's actuator interface to control two electric motors to turn the dome (left/right and up/down) and connect an IP camera with suitable optics, over the point's wireless network (or wired yellow ports). The equipment could be mounted inside the dome, which has a roof and square room. There is a functioning 220V power outlet nearby.

School representatives have mentioned the desire to use such an image transfer for educational purposes. Letting children to the roof would be dangerous as there is no fence, but monitoring and controlling the cam from a classroom would be something they'd use.

#1112 Temperature sensor monitoring on nodes

Reported by valentt, 6 years ago.


Currently temperature monitoring is missing as a feature because there is no package that can do this...

There is support only in web UI but actual package is missing.

Kostko said that there is some reason why digitemp package was removed, why? Is there some other replacing it? Was it broken?

I found only one other package that could replace digitemp...

Also there in no special reason not to include digitemp as an additional package in package repo for people who would like to use it, right?

#1120 Low-power solar sensor node

Reported by Musti, 6 years ago.


Develop a low power sensor node that is primarily low-cost. For creating dense sensor networks.

Solar cell: QFsolar 3722-9L Radio: nRF24L01+ MCU: MSP430G2452 Charging: via schottky diode with zener battery overvoltage protection Battery: Li-Po 400mA 3.7V

Firmware: Energia with nRF24L01+ library

#1128 Ping watchdog for telecontrol

Reported by Musti, 6 years ago.


Develop a ping watchdog that triggers a reset of a specified channel via readsensor communication script.

Resets after 15min if more then 90% packet loss.

#1139 Publish our temperature data in

Reported by mitar, 6 years ago.


Publish our temperature data in

#1154 NXP SEN300

Reported by zkomac, 6 years ago.


NXP SEN300 comes out around new year. This is nice sensor, which allows measuring temperature, humidity and luminosity. It is interesting for us.