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Mikrotik RouterBoard 450G

Flashing Guide

These instructions were tested on Ubuntu, but should work on any *nix distribution.


  1. Boot via DHCP
    1. Download the three firmware files, put them in a folder tftproot (preferably /home/$USER/tftproot) and rename them to wlan-slo.elf, wlan-slo-initramfs.elf and wlan-slo.tar.gz.
    2. Set a static IP on your computer: This tutorial uses
    3. Start dnsmasq with the following command:
      sudo dnsmasq -a -z -d -p 0 -F, –enable-tftp –tftp-root=/home/$USER/tftproot/ –dhcp-boot=/home/$USER/tftproot/wlan-slo-initramfs.elf
    4. Connect rb450g eth0/poe to the computer
    5. Connect rb450g to your computer via serial cable (serial to usb converter works fine)
    6. Start minicom (make sure to configure it to use the correct port, which is probably "ttyUSB0") with
      sudo minicom -o
    7. You should now see the RouterOS login page
    8. Unplug rb450g power
    9. Plug the power source in, immediately press any key on minicom
      1. Select p - boot protocal and select 2 - dhcp protocol
      2. Select o - boot device and select 1 - boot Ethernet once, then NAND
      3. Select x to restart
    10. It should now automatically load the file and boot to the nodewatcher interface
  2. Flashing the router
    1. Disconnect Ethernet cable from port eth0/poe, connect it to eth1.
    2. Enable DHCP IP on your computer
    3. copy the tar.gz archive and the .elf file to /tmp:
      scp wlan-slo.elf root@
      scp wlan-slo.tar.gz root@
    4. ssh into the machine:
      ssh root@
    5. run the following script:
      cd /tmp
      mtd erase kernel
      mount -t yaffs /dev/mtdblock5 /mnt
      cp wlan-slo.elf /mnt/kernel
      umount /mnt
      mtd erase rootfs
      mount -t yaffs /dev/mtdblock6 /mnt
      cd /mnt
      tar xpzf /tmp/wlan-slo.tar.gz
      cd /tmp
      umount /mnt
  3. reboot the router.


The commands here are modified from the following two sources: