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Project nodewatcher


nodewatcher is one of the projects of wlan slovenija open wireless network. Its main goal is the development of an open source network planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform with emphasis on community.

Live version

We use nodewatcher in wlan slovenija network (this is why we are developing it), so you can see a live version of nodewatcher for real deployed network here (this is currently the old version 2, while version 3 is in active beta). Look around and you will get a better feeling for the system. Feel free to register a test node and try it yourself on some router you have lying around.

Source code

The source code is located in the project repository named nodewatcher. The stable version (old v2) is in the master branch, while the latest version (v3) is in the development branch. Version 2 is no longer actively developed and all effort is focused on the new modular version 3.


Documentation is bundled with the source code, but it is also available here.

Mailing list

For questions and discussions about use and installation of nodewatcher system we have a nodewatcher mailing list (which is in English). You can subscribe here. (For development and discussions about development we use Trac tickets so that everything is in the one place.)


nodewatcher is currently in the process of being rewritten into a modular architecture, allowing customization and adaptation to various networks and use cases, removing hard-coded assumptions based on wlan slovenija network. If you are interested in this new version, see the development branch of the source code repository.

Development of the new version has been partially supported by the Shuttleworth Foundation and the NLnet Foundation.

NLNET prototype breakout



This program is open source, under GNU Affero General Public License.

Any additional content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license unless specified otherwise.

Developed source code may contain, use, link to and/or distribute also parts under third party copyright with possibly different licensing conditions. Make sure you check and respect also those conditions.

For more information and more precise licensing requirements, see LICENSE file in the source code repository.