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This is page for ones who want to work with tools. For cooperation in network, this skills are not crucial, its enought to contact us and we will take care of technical details.

Many routers, we use at home and in wlan slovenija network, many times have more features than out of the box software/hardware user gets. We can use this features by using our own software, firmware, this increases functionality of routers. Similar thing applies for hardware, because many times some modules are not instaled, even thought there is connector for them on main circuit board inside router. Also you can add features, software or hardware, that were not even planned.

Modifications are about diferent hardware changes of original routers hardware.

WARNING: Modifications can fail and damage or even destroy routers, so be carefull and don't be confused if any router gets destroyed during modifications.

Before proceding with any modifications it's good to have basic requirements like:

  • soldering tools
  • basic mechanical tools(pliers, screw drivers...)
  • material (wires, connectors ...)
  • precise modification manual and knowledge of basic electronics

List of modifications