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Frequently asked questions about KORUZA

How does KORUZA work?

Koruza transfers the information wirelessly using infrared light (1500nm/1300nm) with a very small and well directed invisible beam.

How fast is KORUZA?

Koruza iz 1Gbps (1000BASE-T) only and the abndwidth does not vary as with Wi-Fi. It either works at a certain distance or not.

On which internet protocol suite (layer) does KORUZA work?

Koruza is a physical layer device (OSI layer 1) and is equivalent of using a cable/fibre.

Are receiving and sending unit different?

The connection is full-duplex, every KORUZA unit being a receiver and transmitter at the same time. A pair of KORUZA units with complementary transmitter/receiver wavelengths is required for the link.

Is it open source?

Yes, it is open source. Sources are being prepared for release and a suitable license is being chosen.

Can I make one myself?

Yes, you will be able to 3D print the majority of parts yourself, others should be readily available on the market.

Where can I get design files and source code?

Repository to be published soon.

I love the project - I would like to contribute

Please say so on the mailing list.