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Get Source

For source code version control we use Git.

Repositories are available at GitHub.

For example, you can clone nodewatcher repository with:

$ git clone

$ sign only marks a command which has to be executed in a console and is not part of the command.

Log of all changes can be found here.

Source code can be browsed using the web interface which allows comprehensive look into development and changes. Or at GitHub, where also forks, pull requests, and code reviews are possible.

All text content (comments, guidelines, commit messages ...) in repository should be written in English.


All source code developed in wlan slovenija open wireless network is open source, under GNU General Public License or GNU Affero General Public License, as appropriate.

Any additional content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license unless specified otherwise.

Developed source code may contain, use, link to and/or distribute also parts under third party copyright with possibly different licensing conditions. Make sure you check and respect also those conditions.

For more information and more precise licensing requirements, see LICENSE file in a repository of the source code you are interested in.