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Mailing Lists

The other tool we use a lot for communicating is chat.

We use multiple mailing lists, but the main one, dedicated to discussions, coordination and help is the talk mailing list. It is possible to subscribe to it here. Its publicly available searchable archive with its messages, discussions, ideas, problems and solutions... is perhaps interesting to check out as well. It is mostly in Slovene language but you can freely post also in English there.

nodewatcher mailing list

For questions and discussions about use and installation of nodewatcher system we have a nodewatcher mailing list (which is in English). You can subscribe here.

General mailing list for development

We also have a general development mailing list for discussions and development of open (wireless) networks and related software and hardware (also in English). Join it if you are interested in that or need help deploying your nodes outside wlan slovenija network or even rolling out your own network.

Please note: For development and discussions of concrete ideas, features, issues with technologies we use please use Trac tickets so that everything is in one place (and not scattered around mailing list).

Other mailing lists

We also have some other mailing lists we use for work on wlan slovenija network itself. They are in Slovene, but you are free to post in English there, if you find them interesting.

How to subscribe to a mailing list?

Open the mailing list's page (using a link above) and in the left menu choose Subscribe, enter your e-mail address, and submit. This will automatically create your user account on our mailing lists system, too. All our mailing lists are on the same system so you can with this user account manage all your preferences and subscriptions at one place. It is not important which mailing list you subscribe first.

Similar page is available also in Slovene, so please keep the content in sync if changing it.