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Get Involved with wlan slovenija Project

wlan slovenija is an open project with many ways to contribute.

Software Development


Hardware Development

Wlan slovenija hardware development extends its reach from electronics to pure metal, from arch welding to precise mechanics. Do not be mistaken, hardware development requires only technical knowledge. The more versatile the development team, the better and more ingenious solutions are!

At the moment hardware is developed in the following areas, but not limited to them:

Sensor development

As most of the hardware used supports at least serial devices, sensors that enhance the nodes are developed to provide more environmental and telemetry(node voltage, current, temperature...) information. Mostly using serial and 1-wire protocols, but you can change that.

Get involved, if you have basic electronics knowledge and a desire to learn and build useful node extensions.

Router modification

Improving common routers and developing modifications extends their use and enables DIY cost saving solutions for more advanced mesh participants. Routers hardware capabilities are explored, expanded and brought to users in a simple manner. With the construction of additional circuits commonly available nodes are enhanced not only to backbone hubs, but also for a trip to space and a lot more.

Get involved, if you have basic electronics knowledge and believe that more can be "squeezed" out of these router boards.

Antenna development and testing

Building antennas is fun that connects. The right antenna for the link is not always disposal, so why not make our own or build a better one then the one you just bought? With a custom antenna comes all the measurement equipment you build to test the ideas and bring that magical 3dB that is missing on one of the links.

Get involved, if you like to bend metal or push the physics to the limits or test designs... No knowledge is required to start.

Enclosure and hub development

There is a pile of cool electronics and a nice antenna mast uphill. Feel challenged to put everything together a bit wiser, a bit better or a bit more efficient. Prove all pessimists wrong and build that impossible thing you just got from the designer.

Get involved, any knowledge is required

Radio and router development

Well why not make our own router or radio equipment for a radio link. Well lets not be limited to radio waves nor wireless, lets just make better, faster, more reliable or just cooler ways of transferring data.

Get involved, basic electronics knowledge or good ideas required.


Graphics and Art