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Application Template

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address
  • Blog/homepage (if you have one)
  • Skype handle (preferably) or something else (IRC nick and network, MSN, Jabber)
  • Your mobile phone (or some other phone where you are reachable) number, in international format
  • Name of school/university, country, year, your average grade (and describe what this grade means)
  • Your general interests (in study and elsewhere)
  • Age
  • Which languages do you actively speak (and write)?
  • Project/proposal title
  • Project/proposal description
  • Project/proposal schedule. How long will the project take? When can you begin work?
  • Availability. How many hours per week can you spend working on this? What other obligations do you have this summer?
  • Deliverables. It is very important to list quantifiable results here, for example:
    • Improve X modules in ways Y and Z.
    • Write 3 new documentation pages for the new interfaces.
    • Improve test coverage by writing X more unit/regression tests.
    • Improve performance in FOO by X%.
  • How do you plan to continue with your project/proposal and within the wlan slovenija community after GSoC? Are you interested in doing some research in this field?
  • Benefits to the Free Software Community, who would gain from your project?
  • Biography and Free Software experiences. Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project/proposal? What free and/or open source projects have you participated in? Please describe your contributions with references.