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Adopt-a-node system for network nodes

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It would be great to implement an adopt-a-node system where users could adopt a node (maintaining a node is something else), which would mean for example that their name is displayed next to the node on nodewatcher and they oblige they will pay regular donations for the given node. They could also stay anonymous, if wanted. Or hide the amount.

It should be very easy to adopt a node for the user and we should allow many different ways how to process/organize the donation (automatic PayPal donation or direct bank transfers or..., probably centered to Slovenian banks, easy to setup direct debits with them).

System should also follow if donations are really made and kindly remind the user if donation is not made as promised. Also allowing to opt-out from the adoption later on. (Moving the user to alumni-like list of past adopters?)

Also a global list of all adopters could be published. Current and past. Summing how much have they donated (or hide that, if wanted). Graphs of donations, of number of adopters and and other analysis, similar to what we already have. For example some metric on if we are green or red in a sense that we can expand easily, for example, if average monthly donations are 5 EUR and average node cost 60 EUR, then we can duplicate number of nodes every year. If we choose this as our goal, then we are green with such average monthly donations.

Or better turn that around and not say green or red but what is growth ratio based on current average monthly donations and everybody can decide for him/herself if this is enough or not and thus if he/she wants to adopt some node or not. (Displaying a possible list of nodes to adopt bellow, with their photo and basic info.)

Adopters could also get a right to design/paint the node enclosure the way they want. (And have this become the node's photo.) Maybe based on the donation amount.

This are just basic ideas, it could be improved a lot. Please fill in with more ideas.

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