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Open Tunneldigger tickets.

Ticket Summary Owner Status Created
#1119 Node down, no internet, local connections ok kostko new 07/02/13
#1162 Use uPnP to open necessary ports kostko new 11/24/13
#1180 broker: ip = is not allowed (iptables/nat fails) kostko new 01/28/14
#1181 broker: create a error message when kernel modules are not loaded kostko new 01/28/14
#1182 tunneldigger watchdog script kostko new 02/11/14
#1190 Tunneldigger temporary failiure on connections with slight packetloss kostko new 03/01/14
#1264 Tunneldigger should listen to ICMP Fragmentation Needed messages kostko new 12/25/14
#1407 Problem with my node. Recieved error response from broker reopened 04/08/16
#1408 Print out what is the error response from the broker kostko new 04/09/16
#1410 client: old l2tp tunnels blocks the client from creating a new tunnel lynxis accepted 04/14/16
#1411 client: put git revision into the command kostko new 04/14/16
#1421 td-client: Unable to create local L2TP tunnel! kostko new 04/24/16
#1422 td-client: Received error response from broker! kostko new 04/24/16
#1426 td-client: does not resolv when 3 brokers entered lynxis assigned 05/10/16
#1103 Never give up when trying to initialize L2TP context kostko new 06/12/13
#1118 UDP bad checksum kostko new 06/25/13
#1002 Support monthly cap limit on VPN kostko new 08/11/11
#1187 IPv6 support for Tunneldigger assigned 02/26/14
#1188 Linux kernel support for multiple L2TP tunnels on the same server port assigned 02/26/14
#1179 broker: fix RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument messages kostko new 01/28/14
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