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#1023 Node telemetry and telecontrol circuit with MSP430 telemetry Musti new 02/14/12
#150 Možnost uplodanja kompresirane datoteke other mitar new 05/30/09
#395 Izmeriti hitrost povezave pri različnem številu vmesnih točk other new 12/03/09
#574 Možnost dostopa do točke z lokacije izven omrežja other new 05/04/10
#692 Create a tutorial for antenna construction other Musti assigned 07/23/10
#767 Razvoj solarne točke za postavitev v Mariboru hardware Musti new 09/11/10
#769 Router enclosures hardware Musti new 09/11/10
#800 Compare different node database/community networks mapping solutions nodewatcher/core kostko new 10/31/10
#802 Write/translate guide for using nodewatcher into your language other kostko new 10/31/10
#804 Research open wireless/community networks in your country other new 10/31/10
#808 Write a document/presentation explaining interaction between wireless and VPN in wlan ljubljana network other new 10/31/10
#811 Construct a WiFi mesh network weather station telemetry Musti new 10/31/10
#812 Prepare materials for sensor circuit workshop hardware Musti new 10/31/10
#815 Prepare materials for antenna construction workshop hardware Musti new 10/31/10
#818 Design an enclosure for our nodes, creatively hardware Musti new 10/31/10
#819 Get into the contact with open/community/wireless network/s in your area other new 11/01/10
#820 Contact open/community/wireless network/s around the world other new 11/01/10
#821 Present open/community/wireless network/s in your area in your class/workplace other new 11/01/10
#822 Conduct a feasibility study for solar powered WiFi nodes hardware Musti assigned 11/01/10
#824 Expand common routers' capabilities hardware Musti new 11/01/10
#826 Nadzor vhodnih vrat in predsobne luči hardware domen assigned 11/01/10
#834 Research existing approaches to an adopt-something donations schemes other new 11/03/10
#938 Lightning damage to routers hardware Musti new 04/14/11
#976 Wireless client sensor device hardware Musti new 06/11/11
#989 Test 8dB omni antenna performance in urban environment hardware Musti new 07/04/11
#1155 NASA high altitude experiment application hardware Musti new 10/30/13
#856 Add USB support to WRT54GL firmware kostko new 12/05/10
#883 Design/adopt a system for antenna alignment hardware Musti new 01/12/11
#884 Test the use of passive RF reflectors hardware Musti new 01/12/11
#911 Replace jsMath with MathJax other lukacu new 02/20/11
#912 Add related tickets field other lukacu new 02/20/11
#913 Radio Mobile link planning software other new 02/21/11
#937 Short-time emergency power for nodes hardware Musti new 04/13/11
#939 PoE optoisolated injector hardware Musti new 04/16/11
#967 Test firmware operation on new routers firmware kostko new 05/28/11
#969 Develop plugins for acquiring data from 1-wire devices firmware kostko new 05/28/11
#970 Stress test our firmware with various configurations firmware kostko new 05/28/11
#975 Develop an universal serial voltage level shifter for routers hardware Musti new 06/11/11
#993 Mistake in info about TP Link WR741ND other xsyt new 07/13/11
#998 Construct a quadrifillar wifi antenna hardware Musti new 08/02/11
#1000 Construct a feed for parabola with improved Bi-Quad design for 2.4Hz hardware Musti new 08/02/11
#1020 Participate in OpenHatch other new 10/28/11
#1032 Software support for msp430 telemetry circuit other new 04/17/12
#1050 Telemetry and telecontrol MSP430 Launchpad shield telemetry Musti new 07/08/12
#1054 Low power Li-technology battery backed up power supply hardware Musti new 07/25/12
#1068 Arduino compatible sensor gateway telemetry Musti new 12/09/12
#1070 Sound level sensor telemetry Musti new 12/29/12
#1083 Support for PPTP on WAN port other reopened 04/09/13
#1085 Beta-test sensor gateay telemetry Musti new 04/10/13
#1098 Shell script for telemetry lightning telemetry Musti new 06/05/13
#1101 Restoring Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco Flash hardware Musti new 06/08/13
#1104 Better instructions for updating routers other new 06/12/13
#1107 Mesh powered observatory telemetry Musti new 06/15/13
#1114 B.A.T.M.A.N. (2013.2.0) configuration on Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) (kernel - 3.8.13) other new 06/23/13
#1119 Node down, no internet, local connections ok tunneldigger kostko new 07/02/13
#1120 Low-power solar sensor node telemetry Musti new 07/02/13
#1122 Develop a gigabit packet loss generator/monitor koruza Musti new 07/12/13
#1128 Ping watchdog for telecontrol telemetry Musti new 07/31/13
#1130 Ubuntu, Virtual Box, Mikrotik, Batman other new 08/02/13
#1136 Edit instructions documentation other new 08/21/13
#1146 Default OpenWrt repository in opkg.conf has an invalid path firmware kostko new 09/30/13
#1162 Use uPnP to open necessary ports tunneldigger kostko new 11/24/13
#1174 Design a self-powered standalone wireless kit hardware Musti new 01/18/14
#1180 broker: ip = is not allowed (iptables/nat fails) tunneldigger kostko new 01/28/14
#1181 broker: create a error message when kernel modules are not loaded tunneldigger kostko new 01/28/14
#1182 tunneldigger watchdog script tunneldigger kostko new 02/11/14
#1190 Tunneldigger temporary failiure on connections with slight packetloss tunneldigger kostko new 03/01/14
#1191 Compile and flash modified U-Boot on TP-Link WR740N on Ubuntu linux firmware kostko new 03/09/14
#1192 Tp-link wr1043nd v2 support firmware kostko new 03/19/14
#1193 USB webcam support other new 03/19/14
#1194 Integrate Wifi mesh and sensors with APRS other new 04/17/14
#1196 Add support for TP-LINK MR3020 other new 04/28/14
#1197 Two image profiles for routers with single LAN port image generator kostko new 04/28/14
#1204 td-client: Failed to send() control packet (errno=146)! other new 05/13/14
#1205 qaul.net profile for wlan-si other new 05/17/14
#1206 PS3's webcam driver error firmware kostko new 05/24/14
#1213 USB WiFi WN722N support firmware kostko new 07/13/14
#1216 Naročilo 10dBi panel anten other new 08/11/14
#1239 Cannot ping device with various configurations (bridge and/or uplink) image generator kostko new 11/12/14
#1264 Tunneldigger should listen to ICMP Fragmentation Needed messages tunneldigger kostko new 12/25/14
#1271 WiFi badge/sensor node ESP8266 hardware Musti new 01/09/15
#1295 Support for brcm2708 platform nodewatcher/devices kostko new 03/27/15
#1307 Report the status of switch ports nodewatcher/agent kostko new 05/21/15
#1321 Low maximum output power on Ubiquiti devices firmware kostko new 07/17/15
#1325 Bridge lan (eth0) or wan (eth1) port with wifi mesh interface. other new 08/03/15
#1356 Nodewatcher default page ideas nodewatcher/frontend new 09/02/15
#1364 date is not working on nodes firmware kostko new 09/09/15
#1367 Nodewatcher UI has too much white space nodewatcher/frontend new 09/14/15
#1378 RAspberry Pi does not start tuneldigger nodewatcher/devices kostko new 09/30/15
#1381 Nanostation Loco M2 profile missing some defaults nodewatcher/extra kostko new 10/01/15
#1382 E-mails when there is an 500 error are not coming other kostko new 10/01/15
#1384 Better statistics page nodewatcher/modules kostko new 10/07/15
#1385 simply node edit settings other new 10/15/15
#1387 Nodewatcher node page should have simple and advanced view nodewatcher/modules kostko new 10/25/15
#1392 Reset node does not cremove graphs, only their data nodewatcher/modules kostko new 12/05/15
#1400 Can't choose mesh mode for backbone node nodewatcher/extra kostko new 01/19/16
#1404 add cake qos firmware kostko new 03/14/16
#1405 Building image for 703N fails firmware kostko new 03/23/16
#1406 Support for Mikrotik SXT Lite2 and Lite5 devices nodewatcher/devices kostko new 04/02/16
#1407 Problem with my node. Recieved error response from broker tunneldigger reopened 04/08/16
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