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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
docker-openvpn-server c554e9825f47   23 months mitar Added licence file.
docker-reverse-ssh-server ae6be36c9110   23 months mitar Added license file.
docker-router-babeld 7b2c6d979757   3 months kostko Add option to disable neighbour announces.
docker-router-olsrd 6ee54417c8c1   23 months mitar.github Moving to tozd/runit.
docker-scp-server dbd63ea6667d   23 months mitar Added license file.
docker-tokumx 480f13b133bc   23 months mitar.github Moving to tozd/runit.
docker-tunneldigger-client 3ea458be50b0   18 months mitar.github Added environment variables and volumes.
firmware-core d33eef932a2e   4 days robimarko lede: Bump LEDE version to v17.01.4 Bump LEDE to new stable v17.01.4 This …

nodewatcher firmware.

firmware-packages-opkg c3ae82b7f1d4   4 months kostko koruza-controller: Move koruza-controller to legacy Move …

opkg packages for nodewatcher firmware.

imageflasher ea445f037a02   3 years mitar AGPL license.

ImageFlasher, a GUI firmware image flasher tool.

mainpage e72943d4fbac   8 weeks noreply Merge 34b03d5665962f10c6de990f682701e90b1422c2 into …

wlan slovenija main webpage.

meshapp 14a950e7c102   3 years mitar AGPL license.

MeshApp, an open-source, cross-platform application for ad-hoc wireless mesh networking on mobile devices.

netmeasured 184c89538aa8   23 months kostko Reinitialize probe after 10 failed attempts.

Simple network measurement daemon.

nodewatcher 713a33129281   4 weeks raslavmilutinovic Adding Support module. Adding comments, replacing functions with does from …

nodewatcher, a modular node database for open networks.

nodewatcher-agent 972ae4d0999e   3 months noreply Merge 7e13185a8426f2eb1cee132990414a11204d46f4 into …

A monitoring agent that runs on OpenWrt-supported devices.

nodewatcher-paper 3899275a2a33   15 months mitar ShareLaTeX does not offer compiling anymore.
nodewatcher-warehouse aadd6a2db770   3 years mitar Added README file.

Warehouse add-on for nodewatcher.

nullhttpd 90c7d5a75cb5   3 years mitar Updated copyright year.

A simple HTTP server useful for captive portals.

old-firmware bb622cc7b2a5   5 years k Fixed the version update script.

Old nodewatcher firmware.

piplmesh ecb1752e1d55   4 years igypigi Merge 9a3a77bbfe1f4ad3212cd982359e69f385924f9a into …

PiplMesh, a social info portal for wireless networks.

readsensor 7f9358c1bc45   3 years mitar Added README.

Simple application for communicating with the sensor gateway.

serwatcher 890d1c11ba35   3 years mitar Added README file.

nodewatcher for servers.

slides 9f967e2c23c0   21 months kostko Added KORUZA network measurement configuration.

Various wlan slovenija slides (in branches).

slides-template c5e62c8c30f2   5 years lukacu Fixing user home in instructions

Template for wlan slovenija slides.

solar e351f0b978f6   3 years mitar Added README.

Solar regulator interface.

telemetry d5dc524f2347   3 years mitar Added README.

Support for telemetry circuit.

tunneldigger ba52f6a13f91   6 months kostko Update HISTORY.

Client and broker for our custom L2TPv3 NAT-traversing tunnel setup protocol based on L2TPv3 support in the Linux kernel.

wireless-info 018188856f87   3 years kostko Added a warning that this project has been superseded.

Obtain information about wireless interfaces from MAC80211 stack.

wlanslovenija-servers aabfc1ae1b40   3 months kostko Add connection to third VPN server

Salt configuration for wlan slovenija servers.

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