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wlan slovenija development

This wiki and ticketing system is a central development website for all development we are doing in wlan slovenija open wireless network.

It is based on Trac and if you are not familiar with it please read TracGuide and its WikiFormatting and if you are still have problems feel free to join our chat or mailing list. If you want to follow changes use notifications or timeline (with RSS feed).

Check out our main webpage to learn more about our open network and its approach.

Get Involved!

All development is open source and free so you are invited to look around, check and use anything you might find useful and interesting. Freely. We also have generic instructions how to access all our source code.

But as our resources are limited you are even more invited to join the development and get involved! Report bugs, share your ideas for improvements, give us you feedback, contribute code, hardware modifications or designs, help us with testing documentation, guides and projects themselves. You could also help with graphical design and work on improving the look&feel of projects as we want them to not just be useful but also easy to use and good looking. Help with translation into your language. Or maybe you have you own idea how to contribute – we would be glad to hear it!

If you are from Slovenia you might also consider joining and contributing to the network itself. If not, you can still deploy a test node? wherever you are (and still be a part of the network, these tunnels are doing miracles!) and see for yourself what this fuzz is all about. Be warned: maybe you will get an irresistible wish to start working on a similar network in your country. And you are more than welcome to do so! (And we would be glad to help!)

Weekly meeting

Regular general weekly meeting is every Friday 20:00 CET (temporary on hiatus). Meeting is open to really everyone. Remote participation is possible using Google Hangout through permanently opened video session. At other times join us at our chat.

Google Summer of Code

Next year will be applying for participating in Google Summer of Code. If you are a student, this could be a great way to start contributing to wlan slovenija projects.



Our flagship project is for sure an award-winning and cyberspace-buzzed nodewatcher. It is a planning, deployment, monitoring and maintenance platform for organically-built (bottom-up, grass-root) (wireless) networks. It facilities emergence of networks operated by diverse and possibly unrelated people, without requirements for technical experts, providing an alternative to more traditional/institutionalized approaches.

Independently, you can use only our modular and extendable node telemetry provider which publishes various data about nodes through a simple HTTP-based format.


Tunneldigger is a simple VPN tunneling solution based on L2TPv3 tunnels supported in recent Linux kernels with features targeted at community networks: auto-configuration of layer 2 kernel-based tunnels with optional bi-directional rate limiting.

KORUZA for Organic Growth of Wireless Optical Networks

KORUZA system enables 1Gbps networking connectivity for locations up to 100m apart, by using an eye-safe infrared light beam. It is an open-source open-hardware ultrafast networking technology, innovating use of free-space optical networks. Mass produced electro-optical modules are combined with 3D printing technology to simplify the design and create a system significantly more affordable then current solutions. Home users can thus set up a gigabit connection with a neighbour who has fiber broadband Internet access. Community wireless networks can use the system to boost their wireless backbone capacity while Internet service providers can establish faster broadband access for end customers.

Hardware Modifications

Many routers available in stores are equipped with much more than what is advertised. We research, test and publish guides how to modify them and enable those hidden features or even add completely new ones, for example by attaching external sensors. We also design and produce our own hardware devices.


Most routers can be much more then just networking devices. The are easily extended with sensors to collect environmental and other data. One can detect lightning strikes, measure temperature, pressure and other atmospheric properties, increase reliability of the nodes by adding hardware watchdog systems, monitor the power consumption and much more.

Solar-powered Node

We are also interested in completely autonomous network nodes with self-sufficient power. This is why we are researching various technologies and have made a working solar-powered node which we are not improving upon.


PiplMesh is the project of students at Faculty of Computer and Information Science of University of Ljubljana and wlan slovenija open wireless network. Its main goal is the development of an open source social networking and info portal for wireless networks used as a welcome page when users connect to the network.

Open Networks Interoperability

If you are coming from some other open/community (wireless) network initiative you might be interested in an effort on open networks interoperability our network is also a part of.

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